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48 Hours In: Varadero, Cuba

Varadero has a split personality, it is where many people spend the last couple of days of their holiday as a place to wind down and relax after the frantic city life of Havana, but it is also the all inclusive destination of choice in Cuba.  Read more…

The Realities Of Helping Out In A Malawian Hospital

Chitimbe Hospital is lucky for many reasons; it is on a fairly main road that snakes around the coast of Lake Malawi so there is lots of passing traffic, it has good transport links to towns and cities, the village it sits in has a newly built water pump and there is a large orphanage and school where care and education is bestowed upon as many local children that can be spared from work as possible. Read more…


Best Ways To See The Masai Mara (Not In A Jeep)


Of course the number one thing on everyone’s bucket list when visiting the Masai Mara is to go on a game drive/safari, and whilst I would definitely recommend fitting as many of them in as possible, there are many other ways to explore this fascinating eco-system and the people that live amongst it. Read more…

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