Top Ten Tips: Cuba


Cuba has a closed currency so you are only able to exchange money when you arrive.  There are in fact two currencies, the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) which is the tourist currency and is valued at 24 times the local Cuban Peso (CUP).  Read more…


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  1. Sad to hear that the Viazul busses are getting neglected. 2 years ago, everything seemed fine. You could really just get a Viazul bus ticket the same day of the departure, and they were quite alright (I wrote down the timetables in advance from their website though).

    Yet I still think finding a nice casa particular, chat with the locals and try to eat with your host as often as possible (home-made cooking by the grandma? You cannot beat that!) will give you the best experience. Also, I have to agree on the part about the cigars: You really have to watch out – being scammed is quite common (no, there is no “cooperativo”-special day… but depending on your local customs (check the “ministry of foreign affairs” site of your country), you may buy an amount of unpackaged, freshly made cigars (they smell just like honey! awesome) – there are some tobacco drying huts in vinales & pinar del rio selling those)


    1. We got told about the ‘cooperativo’ day every day we were in Havana! Things seem to be changing every day in Cuba and I think that Transtur may be taking advantage of the mindset there that tourists will always pay lots more for something a little better. I would still take a Viazul bus it is just pot luck if you can get a seat and what condition the bus is in!


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