About Me

Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller’ [Muhammad Ibn Battuta].


The moment I stepped off the plane at 21 I took my first real breath of fresh air, tasted the heat of the desert, and smelt freedom. Wide eyed and seeing in technicolour for the first time, I felt truly alive.

Thousands of air miles and several continents later, travel has empowered me. Sometimes harrowing, sometimes joyful, my experiences of exploring the richness of different cultures and the natural world have opened my mind and afforded me an understanding and wisdom I could not otherwise find.

Throughout my subsequent travels across Africa, Asia, Western Europe and the Caribbean I have kept diaries of the events I witnessed and participated in, providing a real time commentary of the people, cultures and natural wonders I have discovered.

I love adventures, and always incorporate something that tests my nerves in the trips that I take, whether that be skydiving, white water rafting, or diving with great white sharks.

I often travel solo, although I love travelling with friends I find that there is often a compromise to be had.  This also allows me to make many new friends and experience things differently as I am exposed to many more cultures and ideals than I would otherwise be.

Probably my most favourite thing to do when not travelling, is to plan my next trip.  I am always checking out the cheapest flight prices to my next dream destination and getting inspired by stunning scenery, amazing architecture, or a highly rated restaurant.

I am always happy to chat about travel, provide advice where to get the cheapest flights or what to do when you get there.





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